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There is no standard repair kit that is used to repair wheel finishes, this is a skilled service where experience is key. People new to the business or ones that focus strictly on quantity rather than quality will offer lower than average prices as a way of getting work and just like any service lowest price is not always a good choice. If it seems a company is quoting a higher than average price they may not be over priced they may be quoting to completely refinish the wheel if it has heavy damage or a special finish, for the minor wheel curb scrapes and scratches a complete refinish is not always needed, its always important to ask what the company is doing to repair your wheel and if the service is done mobile or you have to bring the wheel to them. Wheel Medix quotes prices based on what the wheel finish needs and quantity   

Why choose Wheel Medix ?

Friendly personalized customer service
Wheel Medix will provide a wheel finish repair that looks good and lasts 
Wheel Medix is a local privately owned company that has 20 years
combined wheel repair/refinishing & metal working experience and we
do not franchise out the work so you get this experience. 
The #1 priority of Wheel Medix is to provide quality friendly service 


Get A FREE Wheel Finish Repair Quote

send the following info to:

1)  Your full name
2)  Best call back number
3)  Area you live or work  

4)  Vehicle year/make/model 
5)  Quantity needing repair 
6)  Please Include one good clear picture that shows the
  entire actual wheel face for each wheel
 needing repair like the example below, we will not give quotes based off of partial pictures 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call 
Wheel Medix values your business so please leave a
message if you get the voice mail and your call will be
returned as soon a possible before the end of the day  



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