Welcome to Wheel Medix® 
mobile curb scraped wheel repair 

With Wheel Medix customers get a company that
acts in a professional manor and provides
a quality repair that will look good and last

Wheel Medix does not have a set price per wheel
Prices are determined by;

1) The amount of damage
2) Where the damage is on the wheel
3) Color and style of the wheel
4) Quantity your having repaired, 
the more wheels
that you have repaired on the same 
visit the better the overall price.

For a
FREE QUOTE select get a wheel repair quote a top

Limited Lifetime Repair Warranty 
Wheel Medix warrants the original repaired damage to not
show back for as long as the original invoiced customer owns 
the wheel(s). Wheel Medix warrants the finish of the repair area
for a period of 1 year from the date of invoice. Customer must have
the original repair invoice for a warranty claim, Wheel Medix will
re-repair the defect if covered by warranty, no refunds will be issued.
What is not covered and voids this warranty 
Damage caused by improper cleaning, harsh chemicals, abrasive
cleaning products, road salt, chipping caused by impact from any
object including rocks and road debris,
 collision, re-curbing wheels,
maintenance, damage from repair shops or car wash businesses


If you have any questions please call
678-500-5436 Mon-Fri 8am-7pm




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