Wheel Medix does not have a set price per wheel
Prices are determined by the amount of damage, finish and wheel style, a wheel that has a special color or finish may cost more or less than a standard silver alloy wheel with more or less damage, good clear pictures that show the actual whole wheel face for each wheel that needs repair will be needed for an estimate, we will not go by the assumption that damage is similar on other wheels needing repair.
Prices quoted are what it takes to do a proper repair factoring in equipment, materials and labor, please remember we are driving to you to provide the service

What customers get with a Wheel Medix wheel repair
Excellent customer service
A quality repair that looks good and lasts

Peace of mind knowing Wheel Medix stands behind its work


1) Text or email a picture of each wheel needing repair that shows
     the entire wheel face
2) Include your full name, best call back number, area you live or work in
    vehicle year make/model and number of wheels needing repair
3) We will call you with your quote within one business day, if you have not received
    your quote within one day please give us call as there could be a problem receiving
    the email or message 

TEXT       678-500-5436
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm




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