Wheel Medix mobile wheel repair 
Atlanta's Curbed Wheel Specialist

How much is a Wheel Medix curbed wheel repair ?
Wheel Medix quotes prices based on the amount of damage to the wheel, style of wheel, and quantity your having repaired, the more wheels that you have repaired on the
same visit the cheaper the price is, they do not have to be on the same vehicle.
Please also remember when getting quotes Wheel Medix comes to you 

Why choose Wheel Medix ?

Wheel Medix stands behind the workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle
Wheel Medix Provides Friendly personalized customer service

Wheel Medix will provide a wheel finish repair that looks good and lasts 
Wheel Medix is a local privately owned company that has 20 years
combined wheel repair/refinishing & metal working experience and we
do not franchise out the work so you get this experience. 
The #1 priority of Wheel Medix is quality work & friendly service 


Wheel Medix values your business
If you have any questions please call
Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm



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